Paragons Eye of The Tiger At Grand Petros Hillstop's Dapper Dan of Runor Hiltop's Special Zinger Treyacres Zorro
Hilltop's A Special Fancy
Hilltop's A Special Fancy Cot'n'wd Orange Crush
Rickshaw's Redd Hot N'Special
Paragons Lilly De Littlepaws Jimijo's Lil Red Waggin at Runor Jimijo's Barnyard Special
Norbest Thirdtym Charm Jimijo
Runor's It Happened One Night Ch. Homesead's Ohi Spike of Runor
Runors Ruff An Redi Freada
Bazalka Grand Petros Marquant The Explorer Marquant The Mercenary Ch. Marquant He's Rett
Marquant for Even Smitten
Bachland L' Heure Bleue for Marquant Marquant Wil Smith
Jayden Liberty Bell
Runor's Ruby Pertos Homestead Archibald of Paragons Treyacres Frzn Asset Rosemar
Homestead Krystals Keepsake
Runors Fly Hi Tinker Bell s Hillstop's Dapper Dan of Runor
Runors Hi-De-Hi-De-Ho s